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Application/Permit to Install Water Service

  1. Town of Mansfield Mass As a town in 1775 Incorporated as a District 1770 Precinct 1731
  2. Applications submitted via Email will be reviewed by Water Operations Manager Shawn Precourt for approval. Contacts Once review is complete, applicant will be contacted.

  3. Provide street address or location where water service is being installed, repaired, etc.
  4. Type of Service
  5. Instructions:

    Contractors applying for a water permit must complete this form and obtain signature approval from the Water Operations Manager. See Shawn Precourt, 500B East St. Mansfield, MA; 508-261-7376. *Valid Water Installer license in the Town of Mansfield is a prerequisite for performing water utility work associated with the public water system. Applicable fees (payable to the Town of Mansfield) shall be paid at the Department of Public Works office located at Mansfield Town Hall, Six Park Row, Mansfield, MA. Once fee is paid, the DPW office will issue Permit. Contractors need to call for work inspections Tel. 508-261-7330 (24hrs advance notice preferred).

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