Where can I park?
  • If you are a resident of Mansfield you are eligible to get a resident sticker from the Town Clerk’s office.
  • If you are from out of town the spaces you can choose from become limited.

Public Spaces

The train station parking lot spaces 1 through 48 are considered public spaces. Other public spaces are located on the other side of the tracks access through Highland and Draper Avenue and include 201 through 325 excluding 228, 355 through 372; 403 through 432; 455 through 493 and 652 through 677. This lot is called the River Street lot.

Private Lots

Their are 2 private lots located on the River Street side of the tracks.

Residential Parking

Parking Zone 380 is for residents and Zone 381 is for non-residents.

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1. Where can I park?
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