What should I do to prepare for a permit?
  • Research your property before, not after! You are the property owner. You have invested time, energy and a substantial sum of money into your property. You will be relying on the structural safety of the building that surrounds you each day, at home and at work. Research your investment before and not after your purchase.
  • Find out if there are outstanding code violations or zoning violations on the property. “Buyer beware” is an old saying, however it is very much evident when a problem arises later. Has all the work that has been done on the building been permitted and approved by the local officials? Are there records to substantiate this?
  • Problems can be avoided if you do your homework first. Engineers, architects and other professionals may be needed if the work was done illegally or in violation of any codes. Your investment could be in jeopardy if the building is not in compliance.

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4. What should I do to prepare for a permit?
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