What is the permit process?

The process is generally the same for building, wiring, plumbing and mechanical. In addition, fire prevention and sprinkler permits will also require the input and approval of the local fire department. The following is the permit process:

  1. Submission of the application and documentation to the department. You may need to consult with other town departments, boards and committees for their approval.
  2. Consideration and plan review of all of your applications, documents and plans against all applicable codes, rules and regulations.
  3. Decision from the inspector. You may be approved or denied. There are appeal processes that will be explained to you if you receive a denial.
  4. Inspection of the work in progress. Each phase must be inspected for completeness, compliance with the construction documents and the applicable codes.
  5. Final acceptance and the issuance of the occupancy permit if required.

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