Why do I need a permit?

When a permit is issued the holder of the permit is given legal permission to start construction or do modifications to a building. We can trace permit requirements back to ancient times. Today the construction industry standards have evolved into minimum standards designed to protect the general public’s health and safety. The Code Official’s job is to enforce the legislatively adopted laws of the Commonwealth for the benefit of the consumer.

Reducing Risks

No code can eliminate all risks. Reducing risks to acceptable levels helps prevent most potential hazards to the building’s occupants and users. “Safe buildings for a safe tomorrow” is the ultimate goal of all codes for the building environment. The development and use of regulatory documents and the acceptance of innovative products and systems are a byproduct of technical advances in our times.

Local Zoning Codes

Most individuals overlook the need for a permit until some catastrophic event occurs. We try to assure compliance with local zoning codes, the State Building Code, the State Wiring Code and the State Plumbing and Gas Code. From zoning issues to code review, from field inspections to structural conformity, from foundation to occupancy permits, the inspectors are looking out for your best interest!

No matter which area is of concern for you, all construction codes serve the same purpose: to protect the public health, safety, and welfare by requiring safe construction.

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1. Why do I need a permit?
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