Senior Tax Work Off Program FAQ

How Do I apply?

You may apply directly at the COA at 255 Hope St. You will be asked to fill out a brief application with basic information about yourself and your job preference. We will also need to take a copy of your driver’s license and real estate tax bill.

 Am I guaranteed a job?

Although we try our best to place every senior that applies you are not guaranteed a job.  Jobs are filled based on department head needs.

 Do I need to reapply every year?

Yes, you will need to reapply every year to remain in the program.

 How many hours can I work?

Currently, the maximum hours a senior can work is 100 hours which will earn you an abatement of $1,500.00 off your real estate tax bill. 

 When does the program begin and end?

The program begins on November 1st and ends the following October 31st of each calendar year. 

When will I see the exemption on my bill?

You will see the exemptions come off your 3rd and 4th Quarter Tax Bill. These are the bills that are mailed at the end of December and due in February and May



What are the requirements?

You must be a Mansfield resident 60 years of age or older and own and occupy the property listed on your tax bill.


Who Keeps Track of my hours?

You are responsible for keeping track of your hours.  You will need to pick up timesheets at the COA and your department head must sign off on your timesheets each month.  You will turn in completed timesheets monthly to the COA Program Coordinator. 


Why do I have to fill out an employee packet?

The Federal government considers this credit as income and requires the town to deduct taxes from the total amount earned.  In order for the town to make these deductions, we need to put you on our payroll.  If you are placed in a job you will need to stop into our Human Resources Department to fill out a package and CORI form.


Who do I contact with questions?

You may call the COA at 508-261-7368 and we will be glad to help you.










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