Placing Snow on Town Right of Way

In accordance with the Mansfield General By-Laws, Chapter 189 – Streets and Sidewalks, Section II Encroachments Prohibited; it is a violation to place snow on the Town right-of-way.

“No person shall allow any wood or coal or other obstruction to remain within the limits of a street or upon any sidewalk so as in any manner to obstruct the travel thereon, or for more than twenty-four hours after he has been notified to remove the same by the Town Manager or by officer having charge of the highway or any constable or police officer”

“Each day on which any violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate offense.”

Violations will be charged $50.00 per day.

The Town DPW Staff have observed that private snow plowing contractors continue to violate this.  The Town will be issuing violations to contractors and/or property owners violating this policy.

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