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2023 Annual Town Meeting

The 2023 Annual Town Meeting has been called for June 15th at 7;00 pm at Mansfield High School's Auditorium. 

Town Meeting live broadcast at 7:00 PM tonight 6/15/2023

2023 Pre-Town Meeting Review of Articles

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On Monday, June 12th, 2023 the Town Manger and Superintendent of Schools presented an overview of the articles for the upcoming Annual Town Meeting. Residents were welcome to attend in person, virtually, or watch on Mansfield Cable. Below is a link to a recording of the presentation. 

Click Here for Link to Recording of Review of Articles Presentation

Supporting Documents

2023 Annual Town Meeting Warrant 

2023 Annual Town Meeting Motions

Transit Oriented District (TOD) & MBTA Zoning Initiative


Special Town Meeting, December 14, 2022 

You may watch here on the evening of the Special Town Meeting via our Government Channel Live Stream 

Business of the Special Town Meeting includes 24 warrant articles and your voice is needed. Articles on the warrant are related to various financial matters important to our cash reserves, required budgetary adjustments, capital improvements, paydown of the Town's debt, needed drainage easements and confirmatory takings as well as a Citizen's Petition relative to a request for an additional all-alcohol retail license at Reservoir Landing at 30 Reservoir Street. A full explanation can be seen below in the 2022 Special Town Meeting Motions.

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Town Manager’s Virtual Article ReviewTown Manager

Prior to each Town Meeting, the Town Manager wants to make sure to review all of the pertinent information prior to Town Meeting in order to answer any questions from the public in advance and help facilitate a smooth Town Meeting in-person.  

To view the recording of the Town Manager's Article Review for the 2023 Special Town Meeting click here.

Special Town Meeting, November 4th, 2021

Annual Town Meeting

The 2021 Annual Town Meeting will be held on Mon., May 24th at 5:30 pm at the Xfinity Center parking area.