50 West Street Project

History of the Property

The property located at 50 West Street has been playing an important role in our Town government since 1973. In that year, the Town acquired the roughly 1.5 acre parcel (which sits in-between the Fulton and Kingman Ponds, and abuts the Rumford River) for the “municipal purpose of constructing a Town Hall and Police Station.” Since early 1971, Town Hall had been temporarily operating out of the Wheeler Building in the downtown, following a December 20, 1970 fire that destroyed the “old” Town Hall located at the corner of West and Union Streets. So, in 1974 the 50 West Street property officially opened as the new Town Hall/Police station, and remained that way for the next 21 years or so.

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Presentation and Information

Two presentations have been made to the Select Board (SB) regarding the future of the building at 50 West Street. The project is now being reviewed by Municipal Building Committee (MBC). 


April 14, 2021 Meetingmeeting_recording_4.14.21 Opens in new window
August 4, 2021 Meeting

August 2, 2023 Meeting 
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Feasibility StudyReport from Feasibility Study 
Master Plan2020 Master Plan 


For questions regarding 50 West Street Project please contact Mike Ahern.