Capital Improvement Program & Committee


Voting Members, Changing Annually
  • Michael Trowbridge, Brendan Roche - Select Board
  • Beth Ashman-Collins, Sharon Friedman - Planning Board
  • Scott Feely, Michael Flaherty - Finance Committee
  • Evan Epstein - Municipal Building Committee
  • Jenn Walsh, Steve Schoonveld - School Committee
Non-Voting Members, Permanent
  • Kevin Dumas, Town Manager
  • Sarah Raposa, Director of Planning & Development 
  • Matthew Violette, Finance Director

Committee Overview

The Capital Improvement Program Committee shall be composed of two members of the Finance Committee, two members of the Planning Board, two members of the Select Board, two members of the School Committee, and one member of the Municipal Building Committee. The Town Manager and Planning Director shall serve as non-voting members. 

Not later than the first Monday in January of each year, the town manager shall submit a capital improvement program to the Select Board and finance committee. The capital improvement program, prepared by Capital Improvement Program Committee, shall include: a clear, concise summary of all capital improvements proposed to be undertaken during the next ensuing six years with supporting information as to the need of each such capital improvement; cost estimates, methods of financing and recommended time schedules for each improvement; and the estimated annual cost of operating and maintaining each facility and piece of major equipment involved. This information is to be annually revised by the Capital Improvement Program Committee with regard to the capital improvements still pending or in the process of being acquired, improved or constructed.

Town Charter, Article 8, Section 8-4