The story of Bentley, as told by his sponsor Geoff Worrell. Hear how this wonderful dog came to us and how the Worrell's have turned tragedy and sadness into an opportunity for students to find comfort and to be at ease in their learning environment. We are honored to share Bentley's love with the children of the Mansfield Public Schools. 

My name is Ken Wright.  I have the privilege of working as the School Resource Officer in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  I have worked in this position for three years and previously served on the police department for fourteen years.  Currently, my office is situated in Mansfield High School but I am frequently visiting other schools around our campus-style district.  The proximity of our schools gives me the opportunity to extend my services to approximately 4,000 students.  I am passionate about building relationships within my community and also being a resource that students can access when they need to. 

As is the case with all school districts, Mansfield Public Schools continue to promote the social and emotional education for our students.  We have wonderful students with kind hearts in Mansfield. It is my dream and my vision to provide support for our students throughout their school careers and their lives so that we can continue to keep our children smiling. 

I am working with an organization called NEADS World Class Service Dogs. In the past year, I applied for a NEADS dog for our schools and was fortunate to learn in March 2019 that I had been selected and matched with the big and lovable Bentley. After training with Bentley in April 2019, we went to work as partners in the schools.  Bentley was trained extensively for up over a year and knows a variety of tasks to perform to assist in my daily routine.  For example, Bentley will work with me to greet and maintain a positive interaction between students who previously might have been closed-off in conversation.  I will also partner with classroom teachers, and incorporate incentives and communication between the students and the Assistance Dog. 

Bentley is already a celebrity around the schools! If you meet him, share your story and photos at on Facebook or Instagram @BentleyMHS.

Bentley Awards

Congratulations to Chance for starting off the school year strong! The Bentley Award celebrates students who make a difference in their community, just like Mr. B and his partner SRO Wright.

Follow Working Dogs of MPD for updates throughout the year and, of course, check out NEADS World Class Service Dogs for more information about how Bentley's trainers are changing lives for the better every day.

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