Fleet Maintenance


Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is conducted in-house by 3 full time Technicians which includes; a Fleet Maintenance Foreman an Emergency Vehicle Technician, an Automotive/Heavy Equipment Technician as well as 1 seasonal employee who assists in most facets of the operation. Work performed includes anything from oil changes and maintenance services to major repairs like an engine teardown. Depending on workload, some work may be outsourced. This may include specialized work involving computer diagnostics of front end loaders or maintenance and repair.

The Fleet Maintenance Staff is responsible for maintaining 97 vehicles (from cars to 10-wheel dump trucks), 24 pieces of heavy equipment and 17 trailers, 3 rescues and 5 pieces of fire apparatus for the following departments:

Building Inspection


DPW-Highway Division

DPW-Water Division





Public Buildings/Special Projects


In addition to the above,  Fleet Maintenance maintains approximately 120 miscellaneous, non-registered pieces, including, but not limited to: mowers, chain saws, snow plows/blowers, weed whackers, pumps, salt spreaders etc.

 Fuel Depot

The Fleet Maintenance Staff is also responsible for the maintenance of the Town’s Fuel Depot Facility, which consists of 2-10,000 gallon tanks (1 for gasoline and 1 for diesel fuel).  All Town owned and operated vehicles and equipment fuel at this facility. In 2018, the Fuel Depot dispensed 81,682.94 gallons of gasoline and 33,597.82 gallons of diesel.