Public Works - Trash and Recycling

Trash Collection

Mansfield contracts with Waste Management to provide residents with weekly curbside trash pickup. Each household receives a single 64-gallon cart. Read more...

Mansfield Green Recycling Park 

Mansfield Green operates as part of the Public Buildings, Special Projects Division. Miller Recycling has provided services at the Mansfield Green since July 1, 2006. Under the current contract, the Town is charged for the hauling of containers but receives a credit based on the weight and value of the specific material. Metal and cardboard are the most valuable materials being recycled, which help offset the cost of the overall operation.

Single-Stream Recycling 

Recycling smart is our goal. Please visit our Single-Stream Recycling page in order to review our guidelines and recycle correctly. 

Bulky Items & White Goods

Where to recycle my old mattresses or my old TV, washer, etc. You can obtain accurate information on our Bulky Items & White Goods page.

Household Hazardous Waste

In our community, the disposal of these special items is overseen by the Public Health Department. Please read our guidelines

Curbside Textile Recycling

Simple Recycling

Composting Options

  1. Curbside household composting collection from Black Earth Compost.  Black Earth Composting needs 50 residents to preregister in order for program to start.   The cost is $99.99 for 6 months of service paid directly to Black Earth Compost.  To enroll/pre-register  Please contact Black Earth Compost with questions:
  2. Alternatively composting bins are available through the Town of Mansfield.  Purchase a composting bin at the DPW office for $18.00 and pick it up at the Mansfield Green.