Sharps Collection Program

In affiliation with Sturdy  Memorial Hospital, the Mansfield Fire Department will gladly accept your properly contained (in an approved bio-hazard container) sharps. The collection kiosk is located in the lobby of the new Public Safety Building at 500 East St on the 1st floor.  Also in the same lobby is a medication kiosk that collects unused and unwanted medications.

Biohazard Containers & Drop Off Process

All sharps (used or not) must be in a Bio Hazard container. We usually have containers to replace used ones. We can no longer accept sharps in any other type of container. (No milk cartons, laundry detergent bottles, coffee cans etc.)

When you arrive with your sharps that are not in an approved biohazard container, we will give you a container and ask that you take it home, transfer your sharps into the biohazard container, and then return the biohazard container when it is completely full.

Please, do not ever leave your sharps container at an unattended fire station.