Fire Prevention, Permits, and Inspections

Plan Review & Inspection Fees

The Fire Prevention Office handles all inspections (commercial and residential), tank removals, flammables storage, and all permitting via the online permitting portal (click here), as well as answers code-related questions.

Fee Schedule

The Mansfield Fire Department can not accept cash payments.

Checks and Credit Card Payments must be made online through the online permit portal.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection (26f)

Number of Dwelling UnitsFee
3 to 6$150
7 Plus$500

Above Ground / Underground Storage Tanks

Volume of Tank (Gallons)Fee
Under 2,500 gallons$25
2,500 gallons or more$200

Residential Plan Review

Number of UnitsFee
1 to 4 Units$50
5 to 6 Units$75
7 to 12 Units$100
13 or more units$150

Commercial / Industrial Plan Review

Area of Property (Square Feet)Fee
1 to 7499$50
7500 to 9999$100
10000 or more$150

All other permit fees are $25.