Fire Department


The primary mission of the Mansfield Fire Department is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the Town of Mansfield from adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions created either by nature or people.


Adopt a HydrantAdopt-A-Hydrant

There are 1,465 hydrants in Mansfield and winter is coming. Help firefighters help you by adopting a hydrant during this season. Clearing a hydrant can save valuable time in an emergency.


Student Awareness for Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) is a program where local firefighters trained as educators visit schools and present lessons on fire safety.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Requirements for residential carbon monoxide alarms

Sharps Collection

In affiliation with Sturdy Memorial Hospital, the Mansfield Fire Department will gladly accept your properly contained (in an approved bio-hazard container) sharps. The procedure and rules have changed, so please be sure to read more on the Sharps Collection Program page.

Safe Haven LawSafe Haven

The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts (2004) allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger at a hospital, police station, or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution.

Open Burning

In accordance with State Law, the 2014 Open Burning Season will begin on January 15th and end at 4:00 PM on May 1st. (daily hours are 10AM - 4PM. These dates are set by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with the objective of minimizing air quality impacts, and are enforced locally by the Fire Department.

You must get a permit from the Public Safety Dispatch Center at the Mansfield Police Department located on 50 West Street. As a reminder, you also must call into the dispatch center on the day(s) you wish to burn to find out if burning is allowed that day. Burning may not be allowed due to many different conditions such as wind speed or stagnant air conditions. The decision to burn is made each day by the OIC at the Fire Department. They make their decision using many factors such as the daily fire forecast: . 

Here are two more links for reference and tips.

  • Chimenea & Fire Pit Safety: Burn clean fire wood. | Devices are for outside use only. | Burning of trash, leaves, construction debris and other refuse is prohibited by law. | Devices are to be operated by an adult. | Keep small children & pets away. | Devices should be placed & operated away from buildings and other combustible objects or structures. | Devices should not be used on decks or porches. | Have a fire extinguisher available. | If devices produce too much smoke and are deemed a nuisance by the Fire Dept. they can be ordered to be extinguished by our personnel.