How to Apply for a Board/Commission

Defining an Appointed Official

An appointed official is hereby defined as any person appointed to any board, commission, committee, or authority.

Application Process

The town clerk maintains a list of all interested voters from which appointments of town officials are made. Interested voters should contact the town clerk in person or in writing, indicating areas of interest, and a brief background description. Fill in the electronic Application Form for a Board or Committee Member Candidate (posted on the right-hand side column), or obtain a form from the Town Clerk’s office. Fill out the Board or Committee Member Candidate Application Form (PDF) and return to the Town Clerk’s office. Be sure to read the Conflict of Interest Law.


At least three weeks prior to appointments, excepting vacancies, appointing authority shall advertise in the newspaper any openings to be filled and shall advertise a closing date for the list of applicants. No less than 5 days prior to any appointment, excepting vacancies, the list of candidates shall be closed and publicly posted by the town clerk. You can sign up for notifications for the latest updates.

Any vacancy occurring in a board, commission or committee shall be filled by the appointing authority in accordance with the General Laws. Any vacancy occurring in a commission, or committee appointed by the Town Manager or Moderator shall be filled for the unexpired term by the appointing authority.

As of September 20, 2021 the current vacancies are:

  • Mansfield Housing Corporation Board of Directors
  • Conservation Commission
  • WWII Scholarship Committee
  • Mansfield Cultural Council
  • Cable Access Board of Directors
  • MBTA Advisory Board
  • Industrial Development Commission 
  • Audit Committee
  • Board of Health (Applications due  October 4, 2021)

Applications are accepted at the Town Clerk’s office, Six Park Row, Mansfield, MA 02048.


Appointed town officials shall receive for their services such compensation as may annually be provided for that purpose by appropriation of the town meeting.