Open Enrollment for Retirees

You may change or add Health Insurance or Dental Insurance as a retiree as follows:

  • Open enrollment for the active (under age 65) Health Insurance and the Dental Insurance is typically the month of May for a July 1st start date.
  • If you have coverage, notice of open enrollment and new plan rates are sent at the end of April. If you are not actively enrolled in the Towns Health or Dental plans you will not receive notification of open enrollment however if you wish to enroll you must apply during the open enrollment period for the July 1st start date.
  • Open enrollment for the Medicare Supplement plans is during November of each year with a start date of January 1. Notice of new rates and open enrollment will be sent at the end of October to anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan.

Enrolling Outside of Enrollment Period

In order to enroll in Health Insurance outside of the open enrollment periods there must be a qualifying event, i.e.: loss of coverage or a move outside of the service area.