Health Insurance

The Town of Mansfield provides Health Insurance for retirees, including spouses and dependents under age 26. Retirees pay 25% and the Town contributes 75% towards the monthly premium. Retiree insurance coverage begins on the first day of the month following the actual retirement date. There are currently four active (under age 65) plans and two Medicare Supplement (age 65 and over) plans. Both Active and Medicare Supplement plans include Prescription Drug coverage.

Active (Under Age 65)

The Affordable Care Act requires that employers provide a Summary of Coverage and Benefits (SBC) for each of its plans, to all eligible employees. This information is available here on the website, or will be provided in writing upon request. Your medical plan gives you an opportunity to control your share for hospital care. That’s because what you pay depends on the hospital or related facility you choose.

The Town partially reimburses participants for some co-pays. You must submit original receipts and a completed mitigation form (PDF) to the Treasurer’s Office to receive reimbursement.

Pharmacy Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provides a high-quality, affordable pharmacy benefit. The most important thing you can do is to be sure you stay informed about your medications. For more information about formularies and to use the medication lookup tool, please view the Bluecross website.

CVS CareMark

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has chosen CVS CareMark (PDF) as your mail service pharmacy. You can order up to a 90-day supply for most long-term medications, which can save you time. You also can save money because you’ll have a smaller co-payment for most medications when you purchase them through the mail service pharmacy instead of a retail pharmacy.

View more information on CVS CareMark mail service pharmacy.

Medicare Supplement (over age 65)

The Town requires retirees, including spouses and dependents, who are eligible for Medicare to apply for Medicare Part B and, if eligible, to transfer to a Medicare Supplement Plan. Visit the Medicare website for more information.

The following are things to keep in mind:

  • Retiree, or spouse, turning 65 will need to apply for Medicare part B three months prior to the first day of the month they will be turning 65, even if there is a possibility Medicare will be denied. If denied the letter of denial will be needed to be eligible to continue on an active plan.
  • The person who is not 65 will continue on an individual active plan.
  • If there are 3 or more people on the family plan the active family plan will remain in effect. The person turning 65 will still need to apply for Medicare Part B.
  • If the Retiree dies the surviving spouse will be eligible to continue on the Towns insurance at the same cost. Surviving spouses are no longer eligible for insurance if they remarry.

Fitness & Weight Loss Benefits

The Health Insurance plans also include Fitness and Weight Loss reimbursements benefits.

Paper copies of the following materials listed are available in the Treasurer’s office on the 2nd floor in Town Hall. These documents are also available to email. Please call 508-261-7340 or 508-851-6427.

Health Insurance Plans