Town Manager

The Town Manager is the chief executive officer for the Town of Mansfield. The Select Board sets policy and the Town Manager, through his staff of appointed department heads, implements such policies. The Town Manager addresses residential concerns, questions and comments on a host of topics and issues. They also set administrative policies with the staff.


View the following resources from the Town Manager:

Notice Concerning Road Defects & Claims for Damage

Pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws, the Town of Mansfield has a reasonable opportunity to fix potholes, trenches, road hazards etc. once it is reported to the Highway Division. Prior to the report, the Town is not liable to reimburse costs for damage to vehicles, people, or property damaged by an unreported road defect. The Highway Division makes every effort to find these road defects before they cause damage, but potholes can “bloom” overnight, especially during the early winter and early spring.


Please email to report Potholes, or call 508-261-7335 to report any road defect.

Vehicle Damage

If you have experienced damage to your vehicle relating to a road defect and wish to file a claim, please complete the Road Defect Incident Report in its entirety and return it to the Town Manager’s Office. You may also email it to the Town Manager. If you have any questions about the claim process, contact Nancy Griffin at 508-261-7370.