Excise Tax Bills

Annually the Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows each city or town to collect a tax for the ownership of a motor vehicle. It is based on $25 per $1,000 valuation, determined by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The major portion of these excise tax bills are usually sent out in February of each year. If you change your vehicle you will receive another bill during the year, however adjustments are made if plates are transferred or turn back into the Registry. To receive this adjustment you must bring proof to the Assessors Office. 

Personal Property Tax

The proceeds of the Tax Bill stay in the city or town and help reduce the real estate property tax assessed. Some states call this a personal property tax.

Demand Fees & Bills

Important to keep in mind is that excise bills are due in 30 days from the bill date. Within 10 days after the due date, a $5 Demand Fee is added to the balance which is due in 14 days from the date of the Demand bill. Shortly after the due date of the Demand bill, the account is transferred to the Town’s Deputy Collector, Kelley and Ryan Associates. The bill is then ‘on Warrant’ with the Deputy Collector and the Town no longer collects payment at Town Hall. The Deputy Collector also adds fees for the steps they take to collect the bill. Eventually, they can have the registration ‘Marked’ at the Registry of Motor Vehicles if the bill remains unpaid.