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History of Mansfield Housing Authority

The Mansfield Housing Authority was formed in 1948 by a vote of the town meeting. The Board of Selectman appointed the original Board of Commissioners in October 1948. They were as follows; Donald W. Joy, George Syat, Reverend Wray W. Stickford, Norman A. Vickery, and Appointed by the State Housing Board was Reverend Wesley A. Mallery.

At the next regular town election, held in January 1949, the Town’s people elected it’s first Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. It consisted of Sterling Conrad, chairman, Bradley Dauphinee, vice chairman, Edward McKillop, treasurer, Frank E. O’Brien, member. Reverend Wesley A. Mallery remained as the State appointee and acted as secretary.

Eddy Street

In 1951, the Authority constructed 10 houses, on Eddy Street, for veterans. Eddy Street has since become low-income family housing, where veterans continue to have preference.

Cedar Court

In 1958, the Authority constructed it’s Cedar Court Elderly housing development, consisting of 30 – one bedroom apartments. The Authority has since made one apartment into a community room, for the residents.

Bicentennial Court

In 1976, Bicentennial Court was built, consisting of 60, one bedroom, apartments, with an office building and community room.

State Grant

In 1980, the Authority purchased 5 houses, throughout town, for low-income families, with a grant from the State.

Park and Hawthorne Court

In 1985, the Authority constructed a 42 unit elderly apartment building at 15 Park Street, known as Park Court. With the same State Grant, the Authority constructed 4 duplex, three-bedroom, houses on Hawthorne Court, to assist low-income families. Along with the construction of Park Court and Hawthorne Court, the Authority was able to construct a Maintenance garage that is located on Hawthorne Court.

Disabled Housing

In 1988 the Authority constructed a group home for mentally and physically disabled individuals, at 651 South Main Street. This house is a duplex, with 4 bedrooms in each unit, and is now leased to Road to Responsibility, Inc., where the residents receive 24-hour care.