Town of Mansfield, MA

6 Park Row, Mansfield, MA 02048 | (508) 261-7348
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The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department was created in 1999 to provide technical support to Town employees and to act as a focal point for future technological improvements and initiatives. Later, the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office was added to support the town departments with maps of all utility systems, public safety relevant geographical analyses, and assessors information. Although MIS does not directly support the citizens of Mansfield, services rendered to the other Town offices, ultimately result in improved community services and streamlined operations.

MIS/GIS Department’s responsibilities

  • Town Network and Security – management, service and support of all network layers; monitoring and cooperative support of town fiber along with MMED.
  • Overall Technical Support of IT systems to Town Hall offices, Public Safety, Public Works, Library and Council on Aging.
  • Town Website – development, service and support.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – management, service and support.
  • Centralize purchasing of computer hardware and software for all departments.
  • Training and educational of town employees on available information technologies, used by the organization.