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About Us

The Board of Health is charged with protecting the public from “noxious influences affecting life and health,” unhealthy personal behavior, communicable disease, poor housing, and other unsanitary and unsafe conditions. The Board’s authority to protect the public is derived from specific acts of the legislature and a shared responsibility with various state departments through the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. The Board of Health is also granted the authority to adopt reasonable health regulations, and is the legislative body for this purpose.

The Health Department consists of a health agent, secretary and nursing service directly responsible to it and under its direction and control. The health agent is the Board of Health liaison, administrator, inspector and enforcement officer in a variety of areas. These areas include housing, public and quasi-public swimming pools, lead poisoning, food establishments, septic systems, air pollution, water pollution, and nuisances among others.

We don’t do medicineā€¦but we do contract for nursing services. This is generally in the mandated areas of health care such as immunization clinics, maternal and child health, communicable disease control, health screening, senior citizen clinics, lead testing of individuals, various therapy services, and hospice care. The Board of Health is also the sponsor of the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection.

Please feel free to call with questions or for assistance.