Town of Mansfield, MA

6 Park Row, Mansfield, MA 02048 | (508) 261-7348
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Mansfield Housing Corporation

Board of Directors of the Mansfield Housing Corporation Local Housing Partnership/Fair Housing Committee

Mansfield Housing Corporation
6 Park Row, 3rd floor
Mansfield, MA 020489
The Mansfield Housing Corporation (MHC) was incorporated in 2010. The mission of MHC is to work in cooperation with the Mansfield Housing Authority to:

  1. Investigate and implement alternatives for providing affordable housing to low and/or moderate income households.
  2. Act as a consultant and advisor to the Town of Mansfield in implementing its affordable housing plan.
  3. Create and/or provide housing for other households whose needs may be identified from time to time in the Town of Mansfield.
  4. Create plans, proposals, conduct studies and implement other initiatives to further the town’s affordable housing plan on behalf of or in partnership with the Town of Mansfield.
  5. Habitat for Humanity to Build House in Mansfield
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Member – Term
(members – 3 year terms)
Randy Waters, Chairman – Dec. 31, 2019
Marilyn M. Lewis, V. Chair – Dec. 31, 2019
Connie Baynes, Treasurer – Dec. 31, 2021
Louis Amoruso  – Dec. 31, 2020
Jeffrey Wagner, Dec. 31, 2020
Sean Grammel, Dec. 31, 2020
Vacancy – 2019
Vacancy – 2018
Vacancy – 2018