Town of Mansfield, MA

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Industrial Development Commission

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Industrial Development Commission
6 Park Row,
Mansfield, MA 020487 Members – 3 Year terms
Meeting Date: as posted
Meeting Place: Room 2 A/B or as posted

Member – term:
Robert Krentzman, Chairman – 2018
Krista Cummings, Vice Chairperson – 2019
Beth Ashman Collins – 2017
Matthew Cummings – 2019
David Martin – 2018
Kevin Moran – 2017
Nancy Wall – 2019

Members appointed by the Town Manager

The town manager shall appoint an Industrial and Development Commission consisting of seven members for terms of three-years such that no less than two terms shall expire in any one year.

The Commission shall assist the Town Manager in his function, of development of the general economic base of the town and shall. exercise, all, the powers and duties of industrial and development commissions under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40D.