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Audit Committee

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Members:Jess Aptowitz – Select Board
Mike DeSantis – Finance Committee
Kris Mousette – Select Board & School Committee Appointment – June 30, 2020
Kiera O’Neil – School Committee
Christie Martin – Select Board & School Committee Appointment – June 30, 2019
A five (5) member committee consisting of one (1) current member each from the Select Board, School Committee and Finance Committee plus two (2) at-large members appointed by the Select Board and School Committee jointly and serving a two (2) year term.  Specific duties of the Audit Committee shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Relationship, scope of services, and oversight of the work of independent accountant(s) and independent auditor(s) retained to issue independent reports, audits or other services for the Town.
  2. Review management letters and similar communications, the Town’s response, and implementation of corrective action plans.
  3. Review and monitor the Town’s financial reports, reporting processes and internal controls.
  4. Establish a confidential process to receive, investigate and advise the Town Manager and Select Board about complaints and questions regarding accounting or management practices from Town employees.
  5. Report annually to the Select Board how the Audit Committee discharged its duties and responsibilities for the immediately preceding audit and advise the Board of Selectmen, as appropriate.
  6. Subject to the availability of funding, engage financial experts in connection with the performance of its duties under this bylaw.
  7. Any other duties that are ordinarily performed by governmental audit committees, whenever necessary or appropriate.