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Frequently Asked Questions about

MBTA Parking

For more information on rail safety please visit

For more information on rail safety please visit

  • Where can I park?
    • If you are a resident of Mansfield you are eligible to get a resident sticker from the Town Clerk’s office.
    • If you are from out of town the spaces you can choose from become limited. The train station parking lot spaces 1 through 48 are considered public spaces. Other public spaces are located on the other side of the tracks access through  Highland & Draper Ave. and include 201 through 325 excluding 228. 355 through 372; 403 through 432; 455 through 493 and 652 through 677. This lot is called the River Street lot.
    • Their are also 2 private lots located on the River Street side of the tracks.

* Remember any resident caught giving their resident sticker away to a non resident will be cited for a by law violation and revocation of said sticker.

  • How can I pay? – Once you find a numbered space one needs to pay for the space. There are 2 ways to pay for parking. The town has provided 5 pay kiosks located on either side of the tracks. Any kiosk can be used to pay for any space.
    • The pay machines are very easy to use. There are simple instructions on the front of the machine. You first must type in your space. Then the machine will ask you for method of payment – Cash or Credit card. At this point either put your money in the bill collector or swipe your credit card. These kiosks will take bill denominations of 1, 5 and 10 they will also take Visa, MasterCard and Discover. You will also be given change back. Once payment is completed the machine will print out a receipt and release any change due in the slot at the bottom of the machine. This receipt is for your records and your space is paid for the day.
    • Another way to pay for a space is via mobile phone application “Parkmobile”. Parkmobile is a company that allows you to pay via your smart phone. You can register your account online, via the mobile app, call 1.877.727.5717 or text 69646. For texting instructions visit When using parkmobile, commuters must enter the correct zones for proper payment.

Zone 380 – residents
Zone 381- non-residents

* Residents with the proper residential stickers will only be charged $3 (effective July 1st, 2018) when parked in residential spaces.
* Note commuters do not have to pay on town observed holidays and weekends.
* All parking must be paid within 20 mins of parking.
* For a map of train station parking and a list of parkmobile zones commuters can visit and goto the parking tab.

Free of Charge Parking

Train Station Parking is free of charge on weekends and on the following holidays:

New Year Day
Martin Luther King
Presidents Day
Patriots Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day

No Refunds for double payment or holiday payment

The town does not have the ability to refund double payments made by credit cards for train station parking. If you do double pay, contact your credit card provider. See above the dates when train station parking is free.