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Ambulance Billing Information

Dial 911 for an Emergency


Please dial 911 for an emergency!

The Mansfield Fire Department uses an external billing company for all ambulance transports.  If you have a question with regard to your bill, please proceed as follows:

  • if your date of service was PRIOR to July 18, 2018, call Comstar at 1-800-488-4351 and they will fulfill your request 
  • if your date of service is July 18, 2018 or after, call Pro EMS at 617-682-1841 

You will need your account number, which is found on the bill, usually preceded by “MF”.

FOR MANSFIELD RESIDENTS ONLY:  If you believe your bill will cause you a financial hardship, you may contact Comstar and inquire about a “Hardship Request” form.  They will send you the form and you will need to complete the form and send it along with the most recent copy of your tax return. Without a copy of your most recent tax return, no decision on a hardship abatement will be made for your account.

The revenue generated through ambulance billing provides the means to operate Mansfield’s two ambulances at the ALS (Advanced Life Support) level.  Having both ambulances operate at the ALS level has increased our ability to successfully respond to more than one advanced life support rescue call at a time.  The ALS level enables our EMT/Paramedics to provide intravenous therapy, orphangeal intubation (airway management), defibrillation and drug therapy, thus giving us the ability to provide the citizens with a more advanced level of care while enroute to the hospital.