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Trash Pickup
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Trash Collection Schedule by Streetpdf

Residents can schedule the collection of a Bulk Item or White Good by  contacting Waste Management at 800 972-4545. Bulk Items and White Goods will not be collected unless residents schedule a pickup in advance and  have the proper sticker attached to the item


Collection Program Guidelines
  • Trash and Recycling must be at curbside by 7:00 AM on your  designated collection day
  • Please separate your recycle cart from your trash by 3  feet if possible so it can be easily identified by the collector
  • All trash must be contained in the cart issued by the contractor  to be collected. No material left outside the cart will be collected. Bag all trash to prevent  litter
  • Trash and recycle carts must be placed at the edge of the roadway with  wheels facing away from the street. Do not place your cart within 3  feet of any obstruction.(trees, mailboxes, etc.)
  • No construction materials from renovation projects will be  collected
  • Recyclable materials are collected every week on your regular collection day.
Safe Use and Care of Cart
  • Always keep the lid closed to keep rain, snow, and animals out
  • Do not place any unacceptable materials in the carts such as paint, solvents, hot ashes, sand, rocks, yard waste, etc.
  • Use the handle provided to move the cart. Tilt cart on wheels  and roll. Remember to pull the cart uphill and push the cart  downhill
  • Remove your cart as soon as possible after collection to  maintain appearance of the neighborhood
  • To clean, simply rinse with water from time to time and let dry  in the sunlight with the lid open
Problem With Your Cart?

The cart is a durable plastic cart that when used properly will  provide years of maintenance free use. Should a problem occur (broken  wheel, lid etc.) please contact Waste Management at 800-972-4545 to  request a repair.

Holiday Collections

There will be one day delay if trash/recycling pick up occurs on the following holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If New Years Day, Christmas Day or Independence Day falls on a weekend day, or during inclement weather, please refer to your local cable station, local newspapers, and the Town’s Facebook and Twitter web pages for more information.

Bulky item and white goods collection

Residents are required to schedule White Goods and Bulky item  pickups. Bulky refers to items that cannot fit into the 64-gallon  trash cart such as furniture, box springs, mattresses, desks, chairs,  etc. White Goods are any appliances such as stoves, refrigerators,  dryers, dishwashers, etc.

Bulky Items are required to have a “Bulky Item” sticker affixed to  the item. White Goods are required to have a “White Goods” sticker  affixed to them. The cost for these sticker is: White Goods $20.00 and  Bulky Items $15.00. Stickers can be purchased from the Treasurer’s Office. (The Town Hall is open until 8:00 PM on Wednesdays)



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