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Department of Public Works
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All Town Employees have
identification badges.
Please ask for  identification before allowing anyone in your home.

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6 Park Row,
Mansfield, MA 02048

Office Location:


Town Hall, second floor



Highway, Winter, MSW & Recycling, Public Buildings:
 (508) 261-7335
Water/Sewer billing inquiries:
(508) 261-7330



(508) 261-1083



Mon/Tue/Thu 8am-4pm
Wed 8am-8pm
Fri 8am-12pm


The Department of Public Works, or DPW, is composed of several  divisions, including Administration, Highway, Water, Waste Water Treatment and Public Buildings / Special Projects.

DPW Services:
  • Water and sewer billing
  • Snow plowing and sanding
  • Road/sidewalk maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Street sign installations and maintenance
  • Tree removal
  • Public building maintenance
  • Parks, commons, islands and right-of-way maintenance
  • Administration of solid waste and recycling contracts
  • Meter reading
  • Maintenance and repairs of water and wastewater wells, pump stations and treatment facilities
  • Water sampling
  • Water main installation and meter installations for new construction, water turn on/off, final water reading
  • Inspections
  • Street opening permits
  • Septic haulers slips
  • Sewer main maintenance and repair

Helpful Information:

For the current DPW notices click  here to go to EventKeeper

  • Water Regulations and Fee  Schedule
  • Water Rebate Form
  • Fluoride in Water - The Mansfield Water Division has been adding fluoride treatment to its water system since June 1997. In our facility we maintain the optimal level average of one part per million as recommended by the Department of Public Health. Fluoride is added per order of the Mansfield Board of Health.

Changing your  water service billing

When you sell your property, you or your  realtor, calls our office (508-261-7330) to have a final meter  reading taken.
Someone must be at the home, as we have to go inside and read  the meter, as well as the outside reader. There is a $50.00  jobbing charge for this service.
Once the meter reader radios in the reading to us we prepare  the final bill.
 With the final bill, we attached a signature card, that is given to the  new owner at the time of the passing. The billing name is  changed when this card is returned to us, signed by the new  owner.

Public Buildings /

Special Projects Division




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