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This Week at Town Hall

Mansfield Community Service Recognition Award

The Town of Mansfield Community Service Recognition Award is presented annually to a citizen or citizens of Mansfield (adult or youth). Awardees exemplify the spirit of public service by sharing their time, talent, and energy for the betterment of our community. Awardees will be presented with an honorary plaque and will have their names listed on a plaque at Mansfield Town Hall. To nominate someone for this award, please complete the form below and include all the information requested.

Mansfield Community Service Recognition Award Nomination Form (fillable PDF)

Updates on Town Services 

Public Health 

Plastic Waste Reduction By-law Phase 1 has started! Starting on November 1st, any Retail Establishments with a floor area equal to or exceeding 3,500 square feet or with at least two (2) locations under the same name within the Town of Mansfield that total 3,500 square feet or more can no longer provide thin-film, 

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single-use plastic check-out bags to customers. Recyclable paper bags or reusable check-out bags are allowed.  All retail establishments that are less than 3,500 square feet have until May 15, 2019 to transition away from thin-film, single-use plastic check-out bags. Click here to read more about the by-law.  


As of June 26, 2017 the MBTA is making improvements to the Mansfield Train Station and will be temporarily closing a number of parking spaces as shown on Map A for a minimum of 21 months.

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To help with the lack of parking the Town of Mansfield is providing added FREE parking at 41 County Street, Foxboro as shown on attached Map B. Special space for handicap parking is shown on Map C. A FREE shuttle will be available from the County Street lot to the train station. GATRA picks up in the morning at the County Street lot at 6:20,6:45,7:15,7:35 & 7:50 and in the afternoon at the station at 4:32, 5:12, 5:37, 6:18, & 6:48. 
Map B | Map C | Concerns addressed by the Board of Selectmen in regard to this temporary change.

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Abandoned Property

Notice of Names of Persons Appearing to be Owners of Checks Issued by the Town of Mansfield Which Have Not Been Cashed and are Deemed Abandoned.  Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 200A, Section 9A.

Deadline for claim submission is 11/15/18.

View Listing and Claim Form

All inquires should be forwarded to the Treasurer’s Office

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