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This Week at Town Hall

The Board of Selectmen are aware of complaints regarding last evenings Xfinity Concert. Complaints of traffic, littering, public urination, speeding, etc. on numerous side streets. The traffic was a result of navigation apps such as Waze that has re-routed people. Contact has been made with these app companies and will continue to be made. I have requested the Police Chief and Xfinity to get together today to work on an immediate resolution to help alleviate any issues at future events. I have received emails and phone calls and have responded to all. Thanks for your patience as we collectively resolve this issue.

Michael A. Trowbridge Sr., Chairman
Mansfield Board of Selectmen

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MBTA Construction at Mansfield Train Station

As of June 26, 2017 the MBTA is making improvements to the Mansfield Train Station and will be temporarily closing a number of parking spaces as shown on Map A for a minimum of 21 months. To help with the lack of parking the Town of Mansfield is providing added FREE parking at 41 County Street, Foxboro as shown on attached Map B. Special space for handicap parking is shown on Map C. A FREE shuttle will be available from the County Street lot to the train station. GATRA picks up in the morning at the County Street lot at 6:20,6:45,7:15,7:35 & 7:50 and in the afternoon at the station at 4:32, 5:12, 5:37, 6:18, & 6:48.

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  • Notices – Water Services

    Mansfield Board of Selectmen in their role of Water Commissioners voted favorably on May 17, 2017 to return the Outdoor Water Use Restriction from Phase III to Phase I. Effective immediately, Town of Mansfield watering restrictions are as follows:

    Phase I Mandatory outside water use restrictions consisting of odd/even watering based on house number. Lawn watering permitting between the hours of 5AM – 9AM and 5PM – 9PM only. Hand held hose use is allowed anytime. On May 9, 2017, the MassDEP Drought Management Task Force met to assess hydrologic conditions throughout the Commonwealth. As a result of above normal rainfall in March , April and thus far in May, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Matthew Beaton declared on May 11, 2017 the drought level in the Southeast Region is returned to normal condition level.

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